Sunset Beach - Beach Equipment Rentals

Welcome to Beach Boys Cabanas at Sunset Beach, where we provide everything you need for an exceptional beach day. Our range of high-quality beach equipment rentals includes umbrellas, cabanas, bikes, kayaks, paddle boards, surfboards, and beach carts to make your visit seamless and enjoyable.

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Sunset Beach Cabana Rentals

Enjoy ultimate comfort with our cabana rentals at Holden Beach. Offering shade and space, our cabanas are perfect for relaxing by the sea. Ideal for families and groups, they come with comfortable seating and ample room for your beach essentials. Book your cabana today for a premium beach experience!

Sunset Beach Umbrella Rentals

Stay cool and protected under the sun with our sturdy umbrella rentals at Sunset Beach. Our umbrellas are easy to set up and provide ample shade, ensuring you have a comfortable and sun-safe beach experience. Book your umbrella now and enjoy a carefree day by the ocean. 

Sunset Beach Bike Rentals

Explore the beauty of Sunset Beach on our well-maintained bikes. Perfect for all ages, our bike rentals offer a fun and eco-friendly way to discover the area. Whether it’s a leisurely ride along the coast or an adventurous exploration, our bikes are ready for your journey. Rent your bike today and start your adventure.

Sunset Beach Kayak Rentals

Experience the calm waters of Sunset Beach with our kayak rentals. Ideal for all skill levels, our kayaks allow you to paddle through serene waters and take in the stunning coastal views. Book your kayak today and enjoy a peaceful and scenic adventure on the water.

Sunset Beach Tandem Kayak Rentals

Share the paddling experience with our tandem kayak rentals at Sunset Beach. Perfect for couples, friends, or family members, our tandem kayaks offer a fun and collaborative way to explore the water. Reserve your tandem kayak today and create lasting memories together.

Sunset Beach Paddle board Rentals

Try stand-up paddleboarding with our paddle board rentals at Sunset Beach. Suitable for all skill levels, our paddle boards provide a unique and enjoyable way to explore the ocean. Rent your paddle board now and experience the thrill of gliding across the water.

Sunset Beach Chair Rentals

Take it easy by the shore with our beach chair rentals. Lightweight and comfortable, our chairs provide the perfect spot to relax and soak in the sights and sounds of the beach. Reserve yours today and enjoy a day of leisure in style!

Sunset Beach Cart Rentals

Make transporting your beach gear easy with our beach cart rentals. Our sturdy carts are perfect for carrying umbrellas, coolers, chairs, and more to and from the beach effortlessly. Rent a beach cart today and enjoy a hassle-free beach day at Sunset Beach.

Sunset Beach Surf Board Rentals

Catch the waves with our surfboard rentals at Sunset Beach. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a beginner, our high-quality surfboards are perfect for riding the waves and enjoying the thrill of surfing. Rent your surfboard today and hit the waves with confidence.

Why Choose Us?

At Beach Boys Cabanas, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and top-quality beach equipment rentals to elevate your Sunset Beach experience. Our extensive range of rentals includes everything you need for a perfect beach day, from cabanas and umbrellas to bikes, kayaks, paddle boards, and more. With competitive rates, a user-friendly online booking system, and a dedicated team committed to customer satisfaction, we ensure a seamless and enjoyable beach outing. Choose Beach Boys Cabanas for reliable, friendly service and make your beach day truly unforgettable.

About Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach, known for its breathtaking sunsets and pristine sandy shores, is a tranquil destination located on the southern coast of North Carolina. With miles of unspoiled beach, it’s a perfect spot for families and nature enthusiasts looking for a peaceful retreat. The area is ideal for various outdoor activities, including beachcombing, bird watching, and water sports. Sunset Beach offers a serene escape with its limited commercial development and commitment to preserving its natural beauty. Explore the charm of Sunset Beach and make the most of your visit with Beach Boys Cabanas.