4 Places to Visit in Sunset Beach This Year

Aug 18, 2023 | Best Vacation Tips

So you’re planning a vacation to beautiful Sunset Beach? Maybe it’s your first time at the beach as a family. Or, perhaps, you’re just ready to get away from it all for a little. No matter what brings you to the area, it helps to know some places in the region so you can plan ahead or at least have a general idea of what you’d like to do while you’re here. 

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Plus, you can venture further out from the beach and find a number of activities to enjoy. 

Sandpiper Bay Golf Course 

This golf course has been part of the community for over 25 years. It’s a four-star rated course by Golf Digest, and it won the title of “2018 Golf Course of the Year” by TGD Magazine — Great Discontent Magazine, a publication dedicated to shining the spotlight on risk-takers, makers, and artists. 

Besides its 27-holes and beautiful scenery, this well-manicured course is second only to the hospitality and charm of the staff. 

Museum of Coastal Carolina

With North Carolina being a coastal state, it probably doesn’t shock you that they have an entire museum dedicated to the coast and Atlantic Ocean inhabitants. 

One exhibit you can visit is a touch tank. The museum dedicates a certain time when visitors can come to the tank and gently touch certain creatures, such as starfish. They have a theater that routinely changes ocean-related movies. 

At their 3D exhibit, you may put on a virtual reality headset and get a 360-degree view of the ocean. 

This is only some of what they provide. And it’s not taking into consideration the fun activities they have available on different days. For instance, they have a day where they teach about beach safety and how the different ocean animals protect themselves. 

Sunset Beach Waterfront Park 

Enjoy being right beside the water with your children or even Fido at Sunset Beach Waterfront Park. When you arrive here, you’ll find a number of trails you can follow, all while walking with the pristine ocean beside you. 

There’s also a nearby boat ramp, if you’d like to watch the boats launch or would like to take a boat tour. 

Throughout the summer, this venue has weekly crafting shows. Just make sure you arrive early on those days, even if you’re not there for the shows. The parking lots quickly fill up!

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While people might think it’s just a vacation, at Beach Boys, we believe a vacation is so much more. You’re making memories, either alone, with your partner or friends, or as a family. And that’s not even close to being just a vacation. Therefore, we take every step possible to ensure your equipment rental with us goes smoothly. 

Some people merely come to the beach for a day or two, plop down on the sand, and don’t get up again until they have to, like when it’s time to return home or to their campsite or hotel. And we’re by no means knocking that. When it comes to your vacation, spend it however makes you happy. But if you’re one of those people who want to do and see as much as possible on your trip, add these to your itinerary!

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