Scheduling a Romantic Getaway? We Have Some Tips to Make Special

Oct 13, 2023 | Best Vacation Tips

At Beach Boys Cabanas, we see how the beach can bring people together, whether it’s a family coming to the beach for the first time, a group of friends enjoying spring break, or a couple looking to enjoy one another. 

From this experience, we’ve seen firsthand what makes a trip special for any group of people. 

And we should note that we’re happy to share in it by providing Ocean Isle Beach cabana rentals, surfboard rentals in Sunset Beach, or grill rentals in Holden Beach. 

We’d like to take a moment to share some tips that can make your romantic getaway special. 

Plan Ahead 

Don’t throw caution to the wind. Beach equipment rentals go quickly, especially during the busy months of June, July, and August, That means you could arrive at the beach for your couples trip, think you’ll be able to rent that grill in Holden Beach, and be sadly mistaken when you try. 

Those Ocean Isle Beach cabanas go quickly as well! 

Therefore, to ensure your trip isn’t stressful and you can enjoy it to the fullest with all the beach items you need, book your rentals in advance. At Beach Boys Cabanas, we make it easy to book your equipment online.

Plan Together 

Your trip is for both of you, not just you looking to get away from your job and the other stressors of life. It’s for both of you to enjoy together. Therefore, you might think it’s helpful to make all the bookings without consulting with your significant other, but you could make their vacation less than amazing. 

So, as you’re planning, take that special someone into consideration. Just like anything else with a marriage or relationship, it takes teamwork. If you’re going to work hard together, you should play hard, and plan hard, together as well. 

Put the Tech Away 

Make this getaway about you making memories together. You can’t do that when your head is on your phone. You probably sit together while one is on their phone and the other is on the tablet, sitting in silence. 

Why spend your trip like that as well? 

Make this a time to enjoy one another and reconnect. See sites together that neither of you has ever seen before. Get a surfboard rental in Holden Beach and learn a new skill. 

While you may want to take a few pictures for your scrapbook to remember this time, the rest of your time, that phone should be put away. 

Leave Some Wiggle Room in the Schedule 

This might be a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Or perhaps, you’re always the person who wants to schedule every last minute and enjoy it to the fullest and see everything you can. Either way, this isn’t the way to be on this type of vacay. 

On a couples trip, you don’t want to overschedule. You don’t want to run the entire time. 

Instead, plan a few things for you and your special one to do together each day and leave some downtime. You two may find it as a time to snuggle up on the beach and watch the waves or drive throughout the city to see the sites. Or, maybe you’ll find it as a time to talk for hours in the hotel room. 

Keep in mind that there isn’t a certain number of hours you should have free or an ideal number of activities. You just don’t want to plan your trip to the last second when you’re trying to get away together without any stress. 

At Beach Boys Cabanas, we want to make your couple’s trip special. So give us a call today or book a rental!

Contact us today at 910-712-3776 if you have questions. Reserving your equipment is as simple as clicking here