Places to Visit in Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Sep 1, 2023 | Ocean Isle Beach Tips

Ocean Isle Beach, NC, is a beautiful place to visit. Lying on the beach with a book or building sandcastles with your children can’t be beaten. But there’s so much more to do and see here than just being a beach bum. 

So at Beach Boys Cabanas, we’d like to help you make your trip here memorable. We’ve created a short guide to cut your research time and let you get right to business booking and mentally preparing for your trip. 

Beach to Surf, Canoe, Paddle Board, or Kayak

Making a quick search for “paddle board near me,” “kayaking Ocean Isle, NC,” or surfboard rental near me,” can give you access to our website. We offer various beach equipment rentals, giving people access to a surfboard, kayak, paddleboard, and canoe rentals. 

Not only are these rentals to help you learn a new sport or enjoy your trip, but they can also help you keep moving throughout your trip and allow you to see a different part of the beach — the ocean. You’ll never forget the invigorating feeling of that cool beach air hitting your face. 

Swamp Park 

Want to really discover this North Carolina region? Not the beach, but the rugged terrain? Then, check out Swamp Park, which offers fun activities for people of all ages, all available in the midst of nature. 

For instance, you may zipline through a 1.25-mile course. This is a two, two-and-a-half hour tour high in the air, looking down on all the wildlife the areas has to offer, such as deer and owls. 

Maybe soaring through the air isn’t for you. This is when you may want to speed across the rugged terrain instead of going over hill after hill on an ATV. 

Perhaps neither of these is adventurous enough for you. You’re the adventurous type and those are just a warm-up. Then, you’ll want to try the jungle gym, consisting of 53 different challenges, including wobble bridges, rope courses, and more. Try your skills on courses with three different skill levels. 

Ingram Planetarium 

Want to learn more about the world above you, well at least the sky? What better way to do it than at a planetarium, complete with all the information you need to learn more about the stars and celestial bodies? The planetarium is always hosting events, such as laser shows. 

Museum of Coastal Carolina

The ocean and beach of North Carolina are rich with native species. While it’s just a beach town for some, there’s quite an impressive ecosystem there. 

At this museum, you can learn all about it. One of the popular exhibits at the center is a touch tank. It’s here where you and your family can touch some of the native creatures gently. If you or your children have ever wondered what a starfish feels like, this is where you can discover it. 

On a regular basis, you can strap on their VR set and get a look at the sea up close and personal, safely.

Silver Coast Winery 

Splashing in the ocean, feeling the warmth of the beach, and finishing it all with tasting fine wines… It’s like a dream come true for many. 

Here, you may enjoy a glass of wine while rocking the day away on a front porch, which just screams the way of the south. 

If you’d rather not choose a wine but taste a range of them, the winery also offers a wine tasting.

Beach Boys Cabanas, serving Ocean Isle Beach, NC, and the nearby region, offers a variety of rentals to help you stay occupied and truly enjoy what the ocean has to offer. But if you’d like to explore more than the beach, you have other options, including a museum, winery, and more. 

If you have questions, please contact 910-712-3776. You may also use our online reservation tool