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Apr 7, 2023 | Beach Tips

At Beach Boys Cabanas, we’re the boys making your beach trip just a bit more spectacular than it already is by offering a number of beach rentals in Sunset Beach and Holden Beach, such as cabanas, umbrellas, grills, bikes, and more. 

We get that when you’re flying hundreds or thousands of miles, you aren’t going to bring all the gear you need to make your beach trip a safe and fun voyage. That’s when we come to your aid by giving you the beach rentals you want and need during your visit, at budget-friendly rates. 

Since this is our first blog, we wanted to take a moment to explain what you’ll be reading and welcome you to our site. We encourage you to send us a message any time you have a question!

Beach Fun 

So why do you head to the beach? To have fun, obviously. At Beach Boys Cabanas, we’re all about helping people have fun! And that’s just what you’ll find in many of our blogs — tips for having fun at and on the beach. 

Safety Tips 

Just like when you go anywhere, there are certain dangers to going to the beach, like lightning and UV rays. Our goal is for you to have an amazing beach vacay, so you’ll find a number of blogs related to safety tips for you and the whole family, helping to make this trip nothing but fun. 

Packing and Planning Tips 

Unless you have a travel agent, you’re going to need to book your hotel, flight, and car rental. You’ll need to create an itinerary and determine a schedule that works for you and your family. 

With that being said, there’s a great deal riding on your being able to make all the necessary arrangements and plan accordingly. 

And sometimes, the time you spend getting ready for your trip is stressful, so stressful you may even have thoughts of calling it all off. Do you need that shampoo, or will the hotel have it? 

Should you bring sunscreen or just stop at the store at your destination? How many pairs of shoes do you need? The list of questions you may have may extend far beyond that as well. 

You’ll find an array of packing tips as well to make preparing for your trip a bit easier, and it’ll ensure you have everything you need once you arrive for the best trip possible. 

The Native Wildlife 

Though the creatures seem to steer clear of the crowded beaches, you may see some fauna, especially if you travel outside the beach touristy areas. You may also see a great deal of flora you’ve never seen before. 

So you can prepare for the trip and know what to expect, we’ll include guides to the wildlife, including both the flora and fauna. 

Travel Destinations 

What can make or break your entire vacation is whether you see enough sites and partake in enough activities. We can help you make the most of your trip by giving you the low down on various attractions or sites in Sunset Beach, Holden Beach, or the surrounding areas. 

Money-Saving Tips 

Traveling can get quite costly, especially if you have big plans or are traveling with a large family. On our blog, you’ll find tips for saving money, such as when to travel, what sites offer the best deals, and if booking your hotel and airfare together will really save you money.

This is merely some of what you’ll find on our blog. We hope you enjoy it! And we’re looking forward to seeing you when you come to visit us. We hope you choose our beach rentals in Sunset Beach or Holden Beach to make your trip a special one.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 910-712-3776, or use our convenient online contact form