Beach Activity Ideas for Kids

Sep 29, 2023 | Beach Tips

Some kids could spend all day with their toes in the water and hands in the sand. The sand is an opportunity for open-ended play, and children can easily manipulate it. They can use it in pretend for exploration or as a construction material. It’s an excellent sensory development tool.

Other kids are fish. You just can’t seem to get them out of the water. And then you have the children who could alternate between the two all day and remain occupied. 

However, if you have a child who dislikes the feel of sand or just won’t be entertained by either for long, especially on their own, you’ll want to come prepared with activity ideas. 

Or perhaps, you want activities you can all do together on your beach vacation.

While Beach Boys Cabanas makes your vacation a bit more special with beach equipment rentals, such as Holden Beach surfboard rentals or Sunset Beach cabana rentals, we’d like to take this one step further and give you some other ways to enjoy your visit together. 

Play Beach Charades 

Charades dates back to the 16th century. Traditionally, this parlor game didn’t have a particular theme, but throughout the years, people have given their charade nights themes. Since you and your children are having a beach trip, why not make it beach themed?

The possibility of clues could range from things you do on the beach to movies staged on beaches or things you can find along the beach. 

Fortunately, if your child isn’t much for the sand, you can play this in the hotel or off the sand. 

Sand Dig 

Have your children pretend they’re beach explorers. Hide items in the sand for the dig. If you have a metal detector, you could bring it along for the journey. 

Be sure to let them know you hid a certain number of items in the sand so they know beforehand how many they should find. 

You could make this beach animal themed or purchase small toys that act as an extra surprise on your trip.

Have a Scavenger Hunt 

Create a scavenger hunt for your tots. Have them find a number of items from the beach, such as seashells, feathers, or a sand dollar. 

Make sure the clues are in riddle form to give them something to think about. 

Play Tic-Tac-Toe in the Sand 

This activity requires little preparation. All you need is a stick or anything to write in the sand with really. Your next step is to create the board. You and your children can hold contests, and the winner goes on to play another opponent. 

Perhaps you could even include other children who are at the beach in on the fun. 

And if you have children who are working on writing letters, you don’t have to use just “’x” and “o.” 

Create a Themed Area in the Sand 

Encourage your children to build a house, restaurant, veterinary hospital, hotel, or other location in the sand. They can use seashells and other items as people and/or pets. It’s an excellent way for your children to hone their creative side. 

Maybe they could make the area a snow-themed resort and pretend the sand is snow. 

The possibilities here are endless. 

Your child might not be developmentally ready for a Holden Beach surfboard rental. And perhaps a Sunset Beach cabana rental just doesn’t spark the excitement you would like it to. And while your kid may enjoy a good grilled burger, an Ocean Isle grill rental might not do it for them. 

Fortunately, you can use these ideas to help your child make their beach vacation memorable. 

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