Beach Vacay Must Haves

Apr 20, 2023 | Best Vacation Tips

From experience (and a bit of industry insight), we see firsthand what essentials tourists need to pack when going to the beach. This isn’t just for those who are taking this long journey by car but also for those who are traveling on a plane or train. Some things are essentials you’re not going to want to buy while you’re out. Some you’d much rather just bring your own of. But, at Beach Boys Cabanas, this is the list we came up with. 

Flip-Flops, Slides, or Sandals 

Even if your ankles are a bit lighter because you rarely take off those tennis shoes, the beach is one time you’re going to want to have a shoe that’s easy to slide on and off. In fact, you’ll want to pack a pair per family member. 

These don’t retain the sand like a pair of sneakers because you can easily shake them off and wash them before you leave the beach, saving you from dragging sand around with you. And you’ll have an easier time getting them on and off for different beach activities. 


Those UV rays are damaging to the skin and place you at an increased risk of skin cancer when you don’t apply sunscreen adequately and frequently enough, especially if you have fair skin. 

And even if you never burn where you live, particularly if you live further north, the rays this far south are a bit brighter. While you should always be wearing sunscreen, it’s especially the case when you visit a beach down south. 

You don’t want to have to make a special trip once you reach your destination here to get sunscreen. You want to be able to get right to business and enjoy the sunshine, sand, and waves. Plus, if you have sensitive skin or want sunblock without certain ingredients, you may not be able to easily find what you need. 

Beach Blanket  

We know, we know. Airlines charge based on the weight and number of bags. The last thing you want is any extra bulk or weight. And perhaps that’s something we could look into renting out one day. 

You could use hotel towels, but you have to worry about making sure you return those. 

One Extra Outfit 

Some people pack one outfit per day, which works when you’re traveling by car. Anyone who is traveling by plane or train knows this isn’t practical. You try to pack one or two clothes to relax in, a dressy outfit, and maybe an extra outfit just in case. Because as long as you don’t get them dirty, you can re-wear them. 

But, when you’re planning a beach vacay, make sure you have one extra pair of clothing in case something happens to one, such as you leave it on the beach. 

Beach Bag 

Even if you don’t have anything in it, shove a beach bag in your bag, even if it’s a plastic or reusable grocery bag. You want something to carry your sunscreen, etc, to the beach that’ll protect it from all the sand. 


Your kids might be busy the entire trip, and perhaps you have other plans like learning to surf, but what happens when you’re resting on the beach? Are you the type who would like something to keep them occupied? Then, make sure you travel with a book. While a tablet can easily load books from your local library and even ones found online, they’re difficult to see in the bright sunlight. 

What Not to Bring

At Beach Boy Cabanas, serving Holden Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, and Sunset Beach, NC, we know it might seem tempting to bring all the usuals like you would when you travel to a local area. However, this can be quite an inconvenience and expense. 

We recommend leaving all the umbrellas and standard beach gear at home. We offer equipment rental that’s affordable and much more convenient than trying to haul a huge bag of gear on a plane. Plus, you can’t possibly fit an entire cabana on a carry-on. 

Your best bet with any kind of gear, particularly if you’re flying or visiting by train, is to rent it. You’ll save so much time and hassle. You can read here to learn more about the expense of beach travel to get an idea of why beach rental is better. 

At Beach Boys Cabanas, we offer beach equipment rental in Ocean Isle Beach, Sunset Beach, and Holdren, complete with an array of options, like grills, cabanas, umbrellas, and more. Our only advice when you’re planning your vacation and considering these options is to book early. 

That way, you know for certain you have what you want. During the peak seasons, we quickly book up. 

If you have any questions, give us a call at 910-712-3776 or by using our form. You may also use our convenient online reservation tool to rent bikes, cabanas, umbrellas, surfboards, kayaks — all the highly in-demand beach rentals.