Tips for New First-Time Surfers

Apr 30, 2023 | Surfing

Surfing may be an exciting experience, hitting the waves and feeling that boost of confidence when you remain on the board, breathing in that fresh ocean air. Those who are experienced with surfing make it look so easy. While you can eventually work your way up to that skill level with dedication and practice, everyone starts out somewhere, and it helps to know a few tips. 

At Beach Boys Cabanas, we might provide you with beach equipment rental in Holden Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, and Sunset Beach, but we’ve seen our share of surfers and perhaps have even been there ourselves. That’s why we’d like to share some helpful hints on how to make the most of your first-time surfing. 

Getting Your Equipment in Advanced 

As a general rule, if you’re a beginner, you’re going to want to rent your equipment rather than purchase it. By doing so, you also reduce the headache of having to travel with your board. And surfing might not be for you, so the last thing you want to do is spend money on something you won’t use again. 

Beach Boys Cabanas prioritizes making visitors’ beach trips relaxing and enjoyable by offering beach equipment rentals that are affordable. We also give you the option to book over the phone or through an online form, allowing you to plan ahead, no matter where you are. 

Don’t Surf Alone 

We recommend you swim with a partner. Or, if you are traveling alone, let another visitor know you’re there, and you’ll look out for them if they look out for you. Not all the beaches we serve have lifeguards, meaning you swim or surf at your own risk

Check the Waves Before Starting 

Before you head out on the water, make sure you monitor the waves. You want to start slow when the waves are minimal until you get the “hang” of surfing (and yes, we meant that as a pun). 

It helps to watch them for a period of time to ensure they’re rolling at a steady pace, preventing any surprises. 

Warm Up Before Getting Out There

Surfing is a workout, good one at that. It’s a cardiovascular exercise that builds muscles. As a result, you need to treat it like any other workout out there. This means that you need to warm up your muscles before getting out there. You then reduce your risk of injury.

Make Sure You Have Enough Space 

This may sound like a joke, seeing as how we’re talking about surfing in the ocean — a huge body of water — but it’s serious. You could injure yourself or someone else if you’re too close to other swimmers, surfers, kayakers, etc., particularly the ones with higher skill levels. 

Don’t Worry About What Other Surfers Are Doing 

While you absolutely want to help someone if you notice a surfer in danger, outside of that, you shouldn’t be worrying about other surfers. Everyone has a different skill level. Keep in mind that some of the surfers you see out there are locals, and they’re at one of our beach locations a few times per week. 

Surfing is by no means a competition; it’s for fun. Therefore, rather than worrying about other surfers, focus on having fun and possibly developing a new hobby. You’re only in competition with who you were before getting on the board!

Keep Getting Up 

Anyone who’s ever been on a surfboard will tell you that you’ll fall and possibly fall again and again. But just like riding a horse, it’s important to dust yourself, well, shake yourself off and wring out your hair, and try again. Only with surfing, it’s extra important to get yourself right back up because you’re in the water. 

On a serious note, though, nobody is judging you for falling. It’s a completely normal part of learning to surf. 

Beach Boys Cabanas is here to help you learn to surf. We offer surfer rentals in Holden Beach, Sunset Beach, and Ocean Isle Beach. Our equipment is well-kept, and we offer beach equipment rentals by the day or week, whichever best accommodates your travel plans. 

If you’d like to discuss our beach equipment rental services or book your surfboard rental, you may call us at 910-712-3776. We also have an online form for your convenience.