How to Decrease Your Risk of Skin Cancer While on the Beach

Jul 14, 2023 | Beach Tips

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), over five million people in the U.S. will develop basal or squamous cell skin cancer in the U.S. each year. It’s a shocking statistic. More shockingly, even one sunburn can enhance your risk, especially if it’s a burn from being in the sun for a prolonged period. 

Fortunately, you can reduce your risk of increasing the likelihood by taking proactive steps to prevent sunburn. And at Beach Boys Cabanas, we offer vacation rentals but want you to enjoy your trip as much as possible without causing any negative effects on your health. 

Choose the Right Sunblock 

Not all sunscreen is equal. You can’t put on just anyone and assume you’re reducing your risk of skin cancer. 

Specifically, the American Academy of Dermatology (ADA) recommends you choose a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. 

Since water can easily interfere with the effectiveness of the product, make sure you choose one that’s water resistant when you’re going to the beach, if you plan to utilize our surfboard rentals in Sunset Beach or kayak rental in Holden Beach. 

As you’re searching through options, make sure you look for one that’s broad spectrum since these are effective at protecting against both types of rays. 

Reapply Sunscreen Regularly 

Even if you choose a sunblock that is water resistant, you’ll still need to reapply the sunscreen on a regular basis, as you sweat from the sun and enter and exit the water. 

There isn’t a set timeframe as to when you should reapply sunscreen, but we recommend you read the bottle carefully to determine a time. We’d say you should aim for every two hours. 

It may help to set a reminder timer on your phone to help you stay on track. 

Use a Cabana or Umbrella 

You don’t have to spend the entire time you’re on the beach actually on the beach, basking in the sun. Having some time under an umbrella or cabana can help you limit the amount of time you’re in direct sunlight. 

If you don’t have a beach umbrella, you may opt for a Holden Beach umbrella rental to help you once you’re on the beach. We also offer Sunset Beach cabana rentals. 

Dress for the Sun 

You’ve probably heard the expression “Dress for the weather!” in the past. This saying holds true when it comes to getting outside on the beach. It’s vital to protect your skin from the sun, and one way to do that is to cover it up. 

For instance, you should wear a wide-brimmed hat that’ll shield your head from the sun because this area of your body is more prone to developing a burn.

Wear a loose summer shirt over your bathing suit or a swim shirt to prevent your arms and shoulders from burning. 

Opt for Sunglasses   

Sunglasses are definitely a trend, especially with so many options for you to choose from, such as large, rectangular-shaped lenses. 

This protective eyewear can keep the sun from bothering your eyes. It’s also possible for you to protect the skin around the eyes from developing sunburn. 

Limit Your Time in the Sun 

While we encourage you to look into our kayak, cabana, umbrellas, and other beach rentals from Beach Boys Cabanas, we recommend you minimize the time you spend out in the sun. 

While surfboard rental in Holden Beach or Sunset Beach may be exciting, make sure you switch up your schedule so you’re not continuously remaining in the sun. 

Beach Boys Cabanas offers a number of beach rentals to help you enjoy your vacation, but we’d like you to know that certain tips can help you stay safe while you’re at the beach. 

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