Places to Visit in Holden Beach, NC

Jun 23, 2023 | Holden Beach Tips

While we offer beach umbrella rentals in Holden Beach, as well as surfboard, grill, and cabana rentals in the area, we understand that you may want to visit more than just the beach while you’re here. To help you, even when you’re not utilizing our services, we’ve put together some ideas of what to do in the region while you’re here.

Museum of Coastal Carolina If you’re interested in learning more about the sea life of coastal Carolina, this would be the place to go. It’s a natural history museum with aquariums, displays of native wildlife, fossils, shells, and more.

You can discover a coral reef model, complete with life-size replicas of marine life, like sharks.

And the museum always hosts events, so make sure you take a look and plan your trip to Holden Beach accordingly.

North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher 

The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher gives you a glimpse of sea life from various sources throughout the world. The aquarium recreates their natural environment.

What’s neat about this is you can do more than just witness the sea creatures. Certain exhibits allow you to not only be face-to-face with the animals but touch them as well.

Holden Beach Driving Range

Want a relaxing day golfing? Then check out the Holden Beach Driving Range and hit a few. This range has 16 tee stations and is the largest range in the region, spanning 5,000 square feet.

If you’re not a pro golfer, you can even take some time to improve your game here.

Treasure Island 

Perhaps a day out on a golf course isn’t for you since you have kids, and it’s just not possible to take them on the range. Then the perfect spot that the whole family can enjoy is miniature golf. You’ll see waterfalls and various other attractions on the course.

If that’s not enough for you, Treasure Island also has go-karts and ice cream. We’d like to stress the fact that the ice cream is homemade, and you can get it in a waffle cone or bowl. The kiddos can also enjoy the arcade.

Julie Dean Massage 

Julie Dean Massage Is your goal on this getaway to relax and recharge? Well, if the beach isn’t enough for you, take a trip to Julie Dean Massage for the ultimate in relaxation.

At this massage parlor, you can choose between a Swedish massage or deep tissue massage. Picture it now, 90 minutes of someone stimulating the tissue and releasing all those pressure points and tight knots.

The Spa at Anaya Salon 

While Julie Dean is a highly rated masseuse, if you’re looking for more than just a massage, The Spa at Anaya Salon might be a better option for your vacation. When discussing things to do in Holden Beach, this salon gives you access to a massage therapist as well as a manicurist and hairstylist. You may even receive a facial and sunless tanning.

Wild Horse Reserve 

A large number of wild horses call this nonprofit reserve home. You can walk throughout the farm and get a view of these guys and gals in their natural environment. Though you can’t ride them, you can learn more about them and better understand what’s entailed in the process. Part of the appeal of this attraction is learning about what the organization does for these horses.

At Beach Boys Cabanas, we offer beach umbrella rentals in Holden Beach and provide beachgoers with an array of other rentals. But we understand that visiting a variety of locations throughout your visit will make your trip special. And as always, we stress how much we can make your trip one to remember!

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