Why a Beach Umbrella Rental Is Essential

Jun 16, 2023 | Beach Tips

At Beach Boys Cabanas, we have three locations: Ocean Isle Beach, Sunset Beach, and Holden Beach. All of these areas are known for sunny days and high temperatures, creating a dangerous sip—————————–0tuation for beach-goers. 

However, when you opt for beach umbrella rental in Holden Beach, Sunset Beach, or Ocean Isle Beach, you can get the umbrella you need to give you a bit of shade no matter how long you’re at the beach. And we should note that we offer this service at all three of our locations!

Skin Cancer Is on the Rise 

Skin cancer is the leading cancer in the U.S., as noted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And the statistics are currently on the rise

While there are other causes of this cancer, the sun ranks at the top of the list. Though some people are less at risk than others, the amount of sun exposure you receive can affect your risk immensely. 

You, however, can take steps to reduce your chances of skin cancer, such as opting for a beach umbrella rental in Holden Beach, Sun Set Beach, or Ocean Isle Beach. 

Though you still should wear sunscreen to block out the dangerous UV rays when you’re in the sun, an umbrella gives you shade you can use while you’re on the beach to further reduce how much sun exposure you receive. 

You can then decrease your risk of skin cancer whenever you’re on a beach getaway.

Relief From the Heat

Even if you love the heat and summer, sitting outside in it for too long can get to anyone. Every time you’re feeling a bit overheated, whether you’re laying in the sand, building sand castles, or playing beach volleyball, you can escape the heat for a little bit under an umbrella and give your body a break.

In addition to the umbrella, make sure you’re replenishing your body’s water supply all day. 

This relief from the heat can be the difference between suffering from heat exhaustion and getting through the day without any health complications.  

Keep in mind that there’s no set limit of time you can spend in the sun and heat before you’ll experience it. Factors like the weather affect the rate, and each person’s body is different. And you can’t forget that it also takes into consideration how much water you’re drinking throughout the day. 

When you have an umbrella rental, you can escape the heat, take a little time to cool down, take a drink, and give your body a break.

And make sure you keep in mind that your children are more at risk of heat exhaustion, especially those four and younger. It’s important to note that if you or any one you’re going with is 65 or older, you or they’re more sensitive to heat. Therefore, this can be a lifesaver. 

Save Yourself From the Whining

If you have children, you know just what we mean by this. They’ll whine if you do, and they’ll whine if you don’t. You can save yourself from dealing with it if you have an umbrella they can come to whenever they want because you know they’ll be complaining if they’re playing under the sun all day and want relief, and there is none. 

They may not use it at all, but it’s better to have it and not need it for them than it is to not have it and need it. 

Beach umbrella rentals from Holden Beach, Sunset Beach, and Ocean Isle Beach can protect you and your family from the dangers of the sun, both the long-term risks and imminent dangers. Plus, you’ll have somewhere to put your cooler under so it’s not in the sun!

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