Tips for a Long Car Ride With Children

Sep 15, 2023 | Best Vacation Tips

Depending on where you’re venturing from, you may be traveling several hours to reach Holden Beach, Sunset Beach, or Ocean Isle Beach. This can be a nightmare, especially with younger children who aren’t accustomed to remaining still for prolonged periods. 

Think about it. Let’s say you’re traveling from Albany, NY, to Holden Beach, NC. Though it doesn’t seem like it would be a long journey since it’s on the same side of the country, it’s over a 12-hour drive. That’s a long time for children. 

Fortunately, at Beach Boys Cabanas, we’ve been on a few trips in our days and hear all about the trips other people take to one of our locations. Through this, we’ve learned a thing or two about making road trips easy on children — and parents at that matter. 

Bring Snacks 

Eating out of boredom especially becomes an issue when a person ages. In children, it’s still common for them to want a snack every time there’s a lull in the activity, but they tend to have higher metabolisms and a healthy snack is beneficial to them.

With that said, they tend to want unhealthy snacks whenever they’re on a road trip. And they want you to stop a hundred times and spend a fortune on those snacks as if your budget allows for over $100 worth of snacks.

That’s why you should plan ahead with snacks. You can buy in bulk to save money and choose the types of snacks you want your child to consume on the trip. All the while, you can also keep your child a bit more content on the ride. 

Plan Bathroom Breaks in Advance  

It’s inevitable when a child knows there’s a long journey ahead, they’ll have to go to the bathroom at least once on the ride. Doesn’t it at least seem that way?

While you can’t map out when there will be a bathroom emergency, you can help curb the issue of having to try to find a rest stop when there doesn’t seem to be any in site (though you know with children that feat is nearly impossible), you can reduce your chances of it happening by having a roundabout idea of times you should stop to go to the bathroom and stretch.

Have Car Games Planned 

Especially if you don’t want to see your child’s face looking down at a tablet or phone the entire time, make sure you have things for your child to do in the car. 

Fortunately, an internet search for “car games” or another similar variation can give you a plethora of ideas to keep your little one occupied while you’re in the car. From a license plate identification games to “I Spy” to songs, you should have no problem finding ways to keep your kid engaged.

Plan Ahead for Your Arrival 

No matter where your destination is, make sure you make reservations in advance for a beach equipment rental. Keep in mind that this will also depend on the time you plan to arrive. You guys may just want to unwind for the night and get something to eat, rather than partake in any activities on the beach.

However, if you’re arriving early enough and are planning anything, you may want to have a cabana rental in Holden Beach ready or even a Holden Beach grill rental to ensure everyone gets their tummies filled after that long trip. 

At Beach Boys Cabanas, we offer beach equipment rental, Holden Beach grill rental, cabana rental in Holden Beach, and so much more, considering we have multiple locations. While you have the responsibility of keeping your child content for the trip, let us help you make the trip easy and fun. 

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