Tips for Planning Your Child’s First Beach Trip

May 12, 2023 | Beach Tips

Planning a beach trip is exciting but requires a great deal of planning and considering how you’re traveling so you know what to pack. You also have to consider that, if traveling with children, your kids are going to be more sensitive to the heat, both for health and comfort purposes. And there are other factors to take into consideration. 

So how can you make your beach vacation to Holden Beach, Sunset Beach, or Ocean Isle Beach an enjoyable experience for a child? We have some tips! 

Pack Ahead 

Whether you’re visiting a beach near one of our locations and live close to the site or are flying or driving in, it’s important to pack prior to departing. 

If this is a day trip, meaning you’re merely going for the day, we recommend packing the night before. Ideally, you’ll want to put younger kids to bed before you start this task. You can then focus on making sure you’re packing everything you need. 

On the other hand, let’s say you’re going for a few days or even a week or longer. In this case, you’ll want to start packing a few days ahead.  

By planning in advance, you can ensure you have everything you need. 

Consider Shade 

Holden Beach, for instance, has an eight-mile stretch of beach along the coast, suitable for a family to plop down their belongings, and without a tree in sight. While you may be celebrating a front-row seat to the sun, your children may not be feeling the same. 

In fact, not long after you get seated, your children may be whining they’re hot and thirsty. Give them less than one reason to complain about a beach equipment rental in Holden Beach for a cabana. Your little one will have shade all day long, no matter where you are on the beach. 

It can be a place to get them into the shade when necessary and a place to store your belongings to protect them from the water, sun, and sand. 

Teach Them Safety Ahead 

It doesn’t take long from the time you pull into the beach’s parking lot for your children to run as fast as they can and delve right into all that sand. But, while the beach is a fun place for people both big and small, those little ones need a bit of prep to ensure they remain safe around some of the dangers.

Inform them that they always must be with an adult on the beach, especially when in the water. You could make this a fun game by pretending to be at the beach at home. Then, secretly throw in a bit of correction along the way to ensure your little one remains close to the beach. 

Use Sun Block From Home 

Although you may be ready for the sun and are packing as lightly as possible, even saying to yourself I’ll pick it up once I get down there, once you get down here to North Carolina for Holden Beach beach equipment rentals or one of our other services, it’s too late. Then, you may not want to leave, thinking to yourself an hour in the sun won’t hurt your little one. 

However, we don’t need to give you a geography lesson — closer to the sun = hotter sun = more chance of burning and quicker. Therefore, your child is more at risk of burning in Holden Beach, Sunset Beat, or Ocean Isle Beach, than, let’s say, somewhere up north. 

Therefore, make sure you bring sunscreen from home so you and your little one can jump right into the festivities. 

At Beach Boys Cabanas, we’re an option for Holden Beach equipment rental and have locations in Ocean Isle and Sunset Beach, and offer rentals for the entire family. Contact us today to learn more. Call us at 910-712-3776.