Surfing Tips for Intermediate Surfers

May 19, 2023 | Surfing

So you’ve learned the basics of surfing and are getting a bit more confident. You might not be ready to tackle those large waves, but you’re standing up on your board with little problems and not taking nearly as many tumbles. We’d call that a win!

However, at this point in the game, you may wonder how you can continuously improve your surfing performance.

Through our time with beach equipment rentals and even experience on the water, we’ve acquired some firsthand insight. Plus, we believe that helping customers enjoy the beach doesn’t just happen when they’re on the sand and water; it happens before they even arrive. 

So what should you know? 

Don’t Give Up Your Beginner Board Too Soon 

Your confidence in surfing may be BIG at this point, but you may not be ready for the big boy or girl board yet. Don’t be afraid to continue with a beginner board for a few more sessions until you’ve essentially mastered the basics of surfing. 

If you’re using a board that’s too advanced, you could easily turn surfing from a fun pastime into something you can’t stand because you just won’t be ready for that board yet. And you know what? That’s okay. It’s better to gradually change your board and keep surfing fun than it is to suck the fun out of the sport. 

Picking a board for your skill level isn’t an extensive process, and no matter whether you choose our Holden Beach, Sunset Beach, or Ocean Isle Beach location, someone will gladly assist you in selecting the right one for your skill level. 

Knees Bent 

Doing a popup sounds like you should pop up fully, but that isn’t the case. You shouldn’t stand completely upright on the board. 

Instead, make sure your body remains low on the board and centered. Your knees should be bent at this point. 

If you stand upright completely, you’ll have quite a time trying to shift your weight and balance. 

Look in the Direction You’re Heading 

You know how you need to keep your eyes on the road to drive? Well, the same applies to surfing. Only let’s take that one step further!

The way you’re looking is basically the way you’ll go. So guess what happens when you’re looking down at your board rather than in front of you where you’re heading? You’re going to increase your chances of taking a tumble and ending up in the water or on the board. 

When you first started surfing, you may have been instructed to look at the shore at all times. 

Now that you’re putting yourself out there a little further, this tip becomes moot. So as you’re getting better on your board, start looking at where you’re going. Ultimately, your eyes should be on the prize — at the wave where you plan to surf.

Think of your head as your steering wheel. 

Ultimately, as you continue to change direction, your upper body should then follow your head, and your hips should be next. The last part of you to make the change should be your legs. 

Where You Catch the Wave Matters 

As you were starting on the board, your goal may have been to catch the wave wherever you could and remain on your board. While that’s fine and dandy when you’re starting, you’ll quickly become bored with boarding (pun was definitely intended). 

However, as you further develop surfing skills and want to improve, you’ll find yourself wanting to tackle grander waves. This means that you need to catch the wave in the right place initially, which is at the peak. 

Surfing can be quite entertaining, and the excitement of gradually becoming better and better can’t be beat. Fortunately, Beach Boys Cabanas, serving Holden Beach, Sunset Beach, and Ocean Isle Beach, can provide you with the equipment you need to continuously improve. You just need to bring some know-how!

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